Bradley-Marquez Breakdown

By Rudy Mondragon

Another great fight for the fall season of boxing. Even better for this fight however, is that these two fighters make for a great match up. WBO Welterweight Champion, Timothy Bradley (30-0, 12 KOs) will take on boxing veteran and professor of the game,  Juan Manuel Marquez 55-6-1, 40 KOs) on the night of October 12, 2013.

This fight means a lot for both fighters. For Bradley, it means that he can further make the case that he is an elite fighter and that his win versus Manny Pacquiao was legit. It is also an opportunity for Bradley to beat a future hall of famer and use that to increase his boxing stock and value. For Marquez, this fight is simple. It is an opportunity to close out his career versus the man who was finally able to beat Manny Pacquiao after dominating the sport since 2005. By beating Bradley, Marquez will become the first Mexican fighter to hold world titles in 5 different weight classes. 

There are a couple of questions that i have about both fighters that will make the difference tomorrow night. At age 40, will Marquez get old tomorrow night? With his most recent KO win over Manny Pacquiao, has Marquez become complacent and content? Is Bradley still impacted by his recent war with Russian Ruslan Provodnikov? Can Bradley make the transition to becoming a self guided fighter with corner guidance or will he make bad decisions and disregarded his corner? In an effort to prove himself, will Bradley’s risk make him too vulnerable against a fighter like Marquez?

These are the questions… Will answers come tomorrow? Maybe. For now, here are my keys to victory: 

Timothy Bradley:

  1. Take advantage of your youth. Bradley is no doubt the younger fighter and he will need to use this to his advantage in a carefully boxed fight in order to get the decision.
  2. Take risks and put some weight behind his punches. If Bradley see’s a window of opportunity, he will need to put his weight into his punches and try to hurt Marquez. This will make him vulnerable, but Timothy proved to have a chin against Ruslan.
  3. Bradley needs to listen to his corner and not get caught up in the hype of the fight. Although Bradley still needs to prove himself to the boxing community, he needs to take informed and strategic risks and not allow Marquez to counter him and break him down.

Juan Manuel Marquez

  1. Assess the situation and adjust accordingly. Marquez will need to see what kind of power Bradley has as well as the game plan he brings (counter, high pressure, etc).
  2. Be patient and set traps. Marquez might have to take the fight to Bradley. If this is the case, he will need to not be too aggressive in his attack, but instead initiate an attack that will draw in Bradley and then counter Bradley’s attack. Bradley’s is not a great counterpuncher, so if Marquez can draw Bradley in, Marquez will win the battle of counter punching. 
  3. Bradley likes to lead with his head and fight at close quarters. This is where Marquez shines. He will need to connect some uppercuts, which will be open all night if Bradley wants to fight in a phone booth.  


I see this fight going in Marquez’s favor. Bradley is still hurt from his last fight, especially since he said he suffered a concussion and was slurring his words weeks after that fight. Not only was Bradley physically hurt, he was also mentally. The mental part of the game is big. Although Marquez is not a hard hard hard puncher, he has flush accurate punches that break his opponents down. Marquez might not be as motivated against Bradley as we was for Pacquiao, but Marquez is a mature fighter. All fights are different and mean a variety of things and for Marquez, this fight will be viewed as his most important fight in his career.  I can see Bradley taking the kind of risks that will make him vulnerable and a target for Marquez. Marquez will counter him and break his man down. His corner will urge him to adjust, but by the time Timothy makes the necessary changes, it will be too late. As long as Marquez does not get old, Marquez will win a decision against the durable Timothy Bradley. 

Marquez wins via unanimous decision in 12 rounds

Thoughts Blood Money Boxing fam? 


A Different Timothy Bradley to Fight Juan M Marquez


By Rudy Mondragón

In a recent interview, Juan Manuel Marquez (55-6-1, 40 KOs) stated that he does not expect to fight the same Timothy Bradley (30-0, 12 KOs) that brawled in March against Ruslan Provodnikov. Bradley was game to brawl against Ruslan and he paid the price. He took a lot of power punches and almost got knocked out on his feet several times.

Marquez stated: “No, I don’t think he will [fight me like he did Provodnikov], he has an elusive style, a style consisting of speed and I think it’s going to be a great fight for the fans.”

I would agree with Marquez. Timothy won’t fight in the same style because he is a smart fighter. Smart fighters learn from experience’s like the one he had against Ruslan. Many say he brawled the way he did in March to up his value and garner a reputation of a fighter who can scrap and mix it up. That is what many fight fans want to see. If the fans don’t get that, fighters get booed. Bradley to an extent earned that in March. He can now fight in his usual style of utilizing his speed and technique.

I would also say that Bradley will be forced to not brawl with Marquez. He is facing a counter punch specialist. However, the main reason why Bradley should not brawl against Marquez is because he was in a nasty war in March. Will he be recovered by the time he fights Marquez? He is young enough to recover. But anytime you go through a tough fight like that, one can only wonder how bad that war has affected a fighter. And how will that previous fight impact a fighters mind, body and spirit.

This will be an interesting fight. Expect to see Manny Pacquiao in the front row.

Box out for Mexican Independence

By Rudy Mondragón

According to multiple sources (Bleacher Report and ESPN), Juan Manual Marquez (55-6-1) is set to face Timothy Bradley Jr (30-0) on September 14th, 2013. Bob Arum, President of Top Rank, said that although the fight is set for September, he would move the match to October (5 or 12) if Floyd Mayweather Jr. winds up fighting on the same date. This is a good move given last year’s poor planning where both Golden Boy Promotions and Top Rank had major fights scheduled during Mexican Independence weekend (TR: Sergio Martinez vs. Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. & GBP: Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez vs. Josesito Lopez).

What Top Rank is doing is calling first dibs on the hottest weekend in boxing. Top Rank is also being real about the power that Floyd Mayweather Jr. has in the sport. As of now, Top Rank owns the September 14th date, unless Mayweather Jr. decides to fight that weekend. I hate to look beyond scheduled fights, but another reality is that there are plans to create a Sergio Martinez vs. Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. rematch. The plan is for Martinez to fight this weekend (4/27) and win, setting up a potential fall rematch with Chavez Jr. If Mayweather Jr. beats Robert Guerrero, does it mean that Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez (off his recent win agains Austin Trout) lands a fight with Mayweather Jr. in September?

Nothing is for certain with the match ups discussed above, but they are certainly possible. What does this mean for boxing in the year 2013? One hell of a fall season of boxing! As boxing enthusiasts, all we can do is sit back (well, not really, who sits back while watching all the fighters listed above) and enjoy the match ups that are set up for the spring, summer and fall. We will most likely see Marquez and Bradley square off in the ring in October as long as Mayweather Jr. gets the W on May 4th and decides to fight again in September. Given that Money May is not getting any younger and has 30 months to fight six fights under his contract with Showtime, chances are we will see two Mayweather Jr. appearances in 2013.