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The Boxer’s Pride: Served Two Ways

The Fight of The Century. The fight they were talking about for 5 years, and complained about it for hours afterwards, including yours truly. I’m here to share a reflection that maybe it actually was a classic, but in ways that weren’t obvious, and in layers maybe we’ll never know. Or we’ll continue to learn […]

T-30 Days: A Look at Manny Pacquiao

Continuing our analysis, now 30 days out from the biggest boxing match of our generation, we take a look at Manny Pacquiao. Please do take a look at the quick treatise we made for his opponent, Floyd Mayweather Jr. I’ve started talking in the previous post on how us, the BMB team, started this blog to […]

Freddie Roach Wants a 5th Fight

By Rudy Mondragón Freddie Roach, trainer of the famous Manny Pacquiao has stated that he prefers not to have a tune up fight in April and would rather have his fighter jump into a fifth fight against Juan M Marquez. In an interview with Fight Hub TV, Roach shared that there is talk about a […]