Schaefer leaves GBP: Where should a boxer sign now?

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In light of recent events, the new-old-guard of the modern boxing world has suddenly shifted its weight, causing a stir in the boxing community, speculating on potential downstream events such as whether fights that fans have been calling for can actually be made. In summary, Richard Schaefer, the acting CEO of Golden Boy Promotions, is effectively retired from this position in Golden Boy, but is still contractually bound to Golden Boy and still holds shares with the company.

As a partner to Oscar De La Hoya since 2000, Schaefer was instrumental in building his promoting company to the behemoth it is today. He has architected a boxing landscape that is built to reward the business-minded boxer in an era where, understandably, boxers of great ability were taken advantage of, abused, and discarded as a shell of their former selves. Schaefer and the Golden Boy were out to make a difference, and were aptly rewarded with generations of fighters that wanted to be recognized and wanted to make money. Arguably, Al Haymon and Mayweather stepped so much further into that philosophy and maximized the profit to risk ratio with a generation of fighters all seemingly defensive and powerful in style, with matchups won before even stepping into the scales. What was once a honorable venture in changing boxing turned into a beast cranking out fighters that look the part, and crank out even more money. Here’s my formula for the PPV Cash Cow Fighter:

  1. Oozing with confidence
  2. Has a nice smile/face that hasn’t been pounded with punches
  3. Obsessively conditioned body
  4. Clinch first/fight back later
  5. Likes to shake head to opponent, feigns “That didn’t hurt.”
  6. Probably not a bad dancer
  7. Growing posse with a fat guy and small guys
  8. Probably is a LeBron fan
  9. Hedging to be a movie/rap star on the side
  10. Makes a fashion statement outside of the ring
  11. Fiance ringside with a massive ring
  12. Likes to be in pictures with the Watson Twins

Of course, in regular BMB fashion, let’s be critical optimists of this situation. I believe greatly that this shift in the landscape is a monumental chance for fighters to take ownership of their futures in the sport. I’m not saying that they have to be different fighters, but they have a chance to directly tap into the fans rather than try to appease the big wigs in the promotional thrones. They don’t have that much weight anymore, the fans with their money do. Too long has boxing taken advantage of the media and skewed the so called value of a fighter with superficial quantities like PPV buys. Is PPV buys correlated with the international professional record of a fighter? Is PPV buys correlated with the hours put in the gym or miles pounding pavement? In the same vein that students can’t be judged with their SAT or GRE scores alone, boxers too should access all their talents and dimensions to their game (personality, values, work ethic, humor, community) along with the new wave of media channels  – Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook – to market themselves and control their destiny.

Here’s to a bright future for boxing.

Quick Thoughts on the Golden Break Up


By Rudy Mondragon

Ladies and gentlemen, are we surprised at the recent break up between Oscar De La Hoya and Richard Schaefer? We should not be. The signs were there. One of major importance was Oscar De La Hoya’s deceleration to end The Cold War between his promotion company and Bob Arum’s Top Rank.

Messy politics between those two companies. Most importantly is the refusal of Richard Schaefer to work with Top Rank. From there, the ripple effects were huge as seen in the recent statement by Floyd Mayweather. Floyd’s loyalty to Richard Schaefer was a major reason as to why he worked with Golden Boy Promotions. Now that Schaefer is gone, so is Floyd.

Bernard Hopkins weighed in on the whole matter. From the way he spoke, it sounds like he might be slowly parting ways from Oscar as well. Bernard spoke highly of Richard, stating that he didn’t always agree with him, but “Richard Schaefer cannot be replaced.”

Bernard also shed light to the reality that Oscar was hardly ever present to run his company. “Think about it. Who really ran Golden Boy?” With Oscar’s lack of visibility on the business side of the house and dealing with his drug struggles, it was Richard who made Golden Boy Promotions run like a high powered machine.

A key part to the possibility of Hopkins leaving Golden Boy Promotions is that he is not under contract. This means he can leave and fight as an independent fighter at any time. He has also stated that he has his own team and at the end of the day, he has “to do what is best for Bernard Hopkins.”

My quick thoughts on this: Changes are coming!

What will become of Golden Boy Promotions? Who can take over and succeed Richard Schaefer? After all, these are big shoes to fill! Although Richard Schaefer left Golden Boy, he is still technically under contract through 2017/18. He is also “proud to remain a shareholder” of the company. These are technical aspects of this situation. But the reality is that Richard is a mover and a shaker.

With loyalties from Floyd Mayweather, Mayweather Promotions CEO Lenoard Ellerbee, and boxing supreme manager Al Haymon, Richard Schaefer is more than okay. If you think about it, the next three wise men in boxing can be Mayweather, Al Haymon, and Richard. Can this be the rise of Mayweather Promotions and decline of Golden Boy and Top Rank? What should be alarming to Oscar is that many of Al Haymon’s fighters who appear on Golden Boy cards are not under contract with Golden Boy Promotions.

My thought is that this has been in the making for years. The chess match was in full affect while Oscar was occupied playing checkers. Oscar caught on late and then decided to form an alliance with Top Rank. Golden Boy and Top Rank are on call and are making moves to align in order to survive the push that Mayweather Promotions is making, most likely with Richard Schaefer playing a critical role in time.