Quick Take with Mateo B: Canelo vs Angulo Prediction


By Mateo Banegas 

When this fight was announced a few months ago, I was among the many boxing fans who thought this was just the latest example of Golden Boy Promotions protecting their golden goose.

And while I haven’t changed my mind, it does make sense. First, after the schooling that Canelo received from Mayweather, I realize that a warm-up bout may be a good thing for the young star. As we have seen plenty of times in the past, this type of fight can help rebuild Canelo’s confidence and focus. You know, that “eye of the tiger” stuff from Rocky. Second, though, this fight is also a rebuilding strategy for Golden Boy Promotions, who hopes to maintain the huge fan following for Canelo and reassure fans that he is still the strong, hungry young champion and future of boxing – in other words, secure their future gains (talking dollars here folks).

Regardless, Angulo is no slouch, and has earned his respect as a powerful puncher who can bang with the best and cause trouble for even the top boxers.

All of this to say that I predict Canelo will win by TKO in the championship rounds. Angulo will pressure early, trying to rattle Canelo and earn respect with his power. By the middle rounds, Canelo will have settled in and begin to implement his plan effectively, using the ring and waiting to engage with power against Angulo at the right time. The middle rounds will be the most action-packed and we could see Canelo in trouble, during one of the moments when he chooses to go toe-to-toe with Angulo. Canelo will recover, get back into his rhythm, and catch Angulo with a powerful punch that ends the fight.

Thereafter, Canelo maintains his star power and is lined up for a follow-up bout to regain a championship belt. Angulo, still the respected fighter, gets the much-needed rematch against Erislandy Lara.

Canelo vs. El Perro: BMB Predictions


On March 8, 2014, Alfredo El Perro Angulo (22-3-2, 18 KOs) will face off with Saul Canelo Alvarez (42-1-1, 30 KOs) in the MGM Grand in Las Vegas Nevada. The bout is contracted at the 154 lbs limit and will be refereed by the great, Tony Weeks. Both figthers are coming off losses and have a lot to fight for. Canelo looks to get back on track, and Angulo is out to prove that he is no stepping stone. Here are the predictions of the BMB Crew.

LAST MINUTE NEWS: CANELO DIDN’T MAKE WEIGHT! Click here to learn more via Bleacher Report

Jarrett Bato

I’m going with Angulo, TKO in the 10th round. To me, Angulo has shown progress in being a more compact combination puncher, and combined with his natural body-blow talents, I believe he has the edge if the fight goes long. And it certainly will, as Canelo has not been able to knock anyone off their feet since Trout, and in that long fight, Canelo was gassed. I really want Canelo to learn that he has to do something different if he’s going to elevate beyond his natural talent, and I think El Perro is going to teach him when he brings him underwater in the 10th round #warangulo

Angulo TKO 10th Round

Miguel Marino 

On the heels of Canelo’s first loss as a professional boxer, there is no doubt that a loss on Saturday could mean the beginning of the end for Canelo. A consecutive loss on the national stage would ruin his appeal and send him the way of Kimbo Slice (too soon?). We know this, he knows this, and Vegas knows this. Canelo is a big favorite and likely to see a lot of gambling action his way. Vegas has set it up such that you’d have to gamble $800 on Canelo to get $100, while a similar $800 bet on Angulo would bring in a cozy $4000. Let’s not forget that some of the biggest upsets in sports history have been in boxing (e.g. Douglas over Tyson). Tyson was a 35-1 favorite! While Canelo is no Tyson, I am pretty certain Angulo is no Douglas. This should be a straightforward fight with Canelo winning by TKO.

Canelo TKO

Jose Hernandez 

“El Perro”Angulo is set to shock the boxing world this Saturday as he defeats “El Canelo” Alvarez. Ok, so “Shock the boxing world” is perhaps a bit strong. El Perro has all the tools necessary to handily defeat the diva that has become of Alvarez. Looking back at Angulo’s previous bout with Lara and Canelo’s previous two fights (Money and Trout), one can find some evidence of how Angulo can attack and potentially punch his way to victory versus Canelo. Angulo was minutes away from victory (depending on the judges) versus Lara (a supremely skilled boxer with great foot-work) off of his pure will and his dogged determination to attack the body, which set up his knock-downs. I see Angulo imposing his calculated will and relentless body work (this is his 4th fight with Virgil, and calculated he will be) against a less skilled boxer (compared to Lara) in Canelo. Look out for an improved Angulo in terms of defense as-well. Virgil’s game is defense and I see this fight as Angulo’s rebirth. Canelo attacks in bursts throughout the fight (and in response to being hit with flush shots from his opponents), something he couldn’t do with Money (skill and speed were too much for Canelo) but something that he did well with Trout, who had a steady attack and was catching him flush, albeit with no real punching power. These responsive bursts ultimately swayed the judges his way. These exchanges, in response to Angulo’s attacks, will be Canelo’s only hope. He can either (1) Catch Angulo with a devastating punch (Canelo has power?) and win the fight in spectacular fashion or (2) win the judges points on the back of Angulo’s work. If Angulo can stick to the game plan that Virgil has carefully crafted for him, the night will be good for him. If he reverts back to his brawling uncalculated ways, he will play into the fighter Canelo hopes to fight. Ironically, if the fight goes the distance, Angulo has a slim chance even if he puts Canelo down. He needs a KO to win.

Angulo with the upset victory 

Juan Santillan 

Canelo’s first loss in his young career was to none other than the best boxer/entrepreneur, Money Mayweather.  I think he understands that he needs to shake that one off and put a few W’s under his belt and get back to being the next big thing in Mexican boxing. Otherwise, he will well be on his way to becoming the red-haired Ortiz (-1 point by the ref for a low-blow, ok, I’ll back off and keep the blows above the belt).  He can’t afford another loss, as that will diminish his Mexican following and marketability.  Translation, a loss to Angulo will negate his bank account and prospective future earnings.  Angulo will be a very tough challenge, and one that Canelo should not underestimate, but I believe Canelo has the skill and power to beat Angulo.  Canelo in 6 by TKO.

Canelo TKO 6th Round

Rudy Mondragon

Virgil Hunter is the best thing to happen to Angulo. The way he talks to Angulo and challenges him show the special bond these two have. Hunter is about intentionality. Trying new things to make Angulo better. These things will pay off. Hunter will equip Angulo with a game-plan that consists of identifying when Canelo is gassed. Canelo is known for tiring after he goes on quick attacking spurts. By weathering those storms, Angulo will be able to apply overwhelming pressure and unleash violent body attacks that will open up Canelo’s head. I see violent exchanges resulting in knockdowns on both ends. In the end, Angulo’s heart, tenacity, durability, and passion will carry him to a 11th round stoppage.

Angulo TKO 11th Round 

Canelo vs. Angulo All Access Episode 2 Review


By Rudy Mondragon

The episode kicks off with Canelo connecting with his daughter via FaceTime in Sunny San Diego. Fast forward and you have Canelo with his team working on simple sprints. It is a reminder of how important a boxer’s corner is. Does Canelo’s corner have what it takes to guide Canelo to victory against Angulo and beyond? If he is the superstar everyone says he is, they better!

Angulo’s relationship with his daughter is special. There are only two things that make El Perro cry: His daughter and his beloved fans. As I have mentioned before, a fighter’s kids can be one’s X-Factor. It’s the passion, motivation, inspiration, and dedication to the fight that a fighter’s children bring out in them. Angulo will not be fighting for himself this weekend, he will be fighting for his daughter and his fans, and he will defend himself at all cost. This is Angulo’s X-Factor.

Training camp for Canelo is unrevealing. Simple words are shared about how dangerous Angulo’s power is, and Canelo is shown punching and dodging bags. He finishes the day submerged in an ice bath to relax his muscles after a good day in the gym. The footage leaves us wondering if Canelo’s team is being innovative and taking the necessary risks to make the young man a better fighter.

Angulo’s camp is shown to be making the necessary adjustments and changes for this fight. Speed and better movement is what Virgil Hunter is looking for.  He has called upon the services of Russian speed coach, Remy Korchemny. Intentionality, what Virgil is doing is trying new things in an effort to make El Perro a better fighter for his Saturday bout against Canelo. Will it pay off? We’ll soon find out if the risk will bring out greatness in Angulo’s performance.

The episode concludes with the framing of this Saturday’s fight. Both fighters are coming off loses. For Canelo, it will be his first time coming back after a lose. I don’t see this as a comeback as, Canelo has not done much in boxing yet. Don’t let his 44 total fights fool you.

Angulo has been in this situation before. Coming back from a loss to James Kirkland and recently Erislandy Lara, Angulo needs this win because of what it means for his future. He is only making $750k for this fight. A win this weekend means upsetting the young celebrity that is Saul Alvarez. It means a possible rematch with Saul. It means future fights against other big names in the 154lbs division.

A win for Canelo means getting back on track to accomplishing the goals laid out by his promoters. More is at stake for Angulo because he is objectified in this fight. He is expected to be the exciting brawler who Canelo can beat. In beating a brawler, Canelo will be framed as a warrior who defeated the savage beast. The media and fans will eat it up. However, my gut tells me another ending is possible. As we prepare to watch an exciting fight (unfortunately it is on PPV), I leave the BMB Fam with this: The difference maker in this fight will be the fighter who has the most tenacity, durability, and desire to win. The corners will play a huge role as well. Enjoy BMB Fam!

Lessons Learned from Canelo vs. Angulo All Access Episode 1


By Rudy Mondragon

I’ve always been a fan of HBO’s 24/7, dating back to the first ever episode in 2007 for the highly anticipated Oscar De La Hoya vs. Floyd Mayweather Jr. bout. The concept of creating a behind-the-scenes look at two fighters leading up to their fight is a great treat for fans. It is also a great way to sell a fight and create a narrative. As history has taught us, narratives are constructed by those with power. All Access is no different. The narrative that is told is one that privileges one man over the other, and the story created in each and every episode reinforces that. There are three things we can take away from the first episode of All Access: Canelo vs. Angulo: (1) Canelo is the privileged one (2) Angulo is the underdog with serious bite (3) A boxer’s team matters.

Canelo As The Privileged Fighter 

It is no secret that Saul Alvarez is the rising star for Golden Boy Promotions. Golden Boy Promotions and their bedside partner, ShowTime Sports, see Canelo as an object worth investing in because of the potential profits. With that investment comes serious and careful strategic planning. This planning has consisted of matching Canelo up with elders of the boxing game who are past their prime, and younger fighters who are mismatches for Saul. With the exception of Floyd Mayweather Jr, Canelo has not faced anyone who poses a serious threat to GBP and ShowTime’s master plan. Matching Canelo with Alfredo Angulo fits into their game plan. Angulo is perceived as a safe opponent that Canelo can beat. In beating Angulo, Canelo will be able to get his career back on track and bounce back from his September defeat to Floyd. That’s the plan. All the resources are there to give Canelo the edge against Angulo. Let’s not forget the hostile conditions that Zab Judah was subjected to in his fight against Danny Garcia. Danny had the backing of Golden Boy Promotions and Zab was his stepping stone. Narratives are formed with the creation of a story that supports the plan of those in power.

Angulo Is The Underdog With Serious Bite 

Alfredo Angulo, also known as “El Perro”, has faced his share of struggles. Angulo lost his father at an early age and had to start working very young. In 2012, Angulo turned himself in to an ICE Immigration Processing Center to resolve an expired work visa issue. He was told he would be detained for a maximum of three days. Three days turned into 8 months. He was separated from his daughter and denied the ability to make a living for himself.

All of Angulo’s trials and tribulations serve to remind him as to why he fights and what he fights for. Struggle helps people make progress. After 13 months of inactivity, Angulo returned and recored two straight wins. With Virgil Hunter in his corner, Angulo stepped into the ring against a pure-boxer in Erislandy Lara. Although he lost that fight due to swelling in his left eye, El Perro was able to drop Lara twice, something that had never been done before.

Angulo will step into the ring against Canelo as the underdog. Angulo serves the purpose of being used as a tune up fight for the young Canelo. I do believe however, that Angulo presents a legitimate threat to Canelo. Virgil provided Angulo with a game plan to fight Lara, and he followed it and almost finished Lara off. An upset here is not far-fetched. The right game plan, constructed by Virgil, is one piece of the puzzle that will help Angulo beat Canelo. The other piece is Angulo’s bite, which he most definitely has.

A Boxer’s Team Matters

From All Access Episode 1, we see two training camps. One is filled with a group of hungry fighters. The other is a camp in sunny San Diego, with trainers who tell Canelo everything he wants to hear. In the case of these two fighters, Angulo is a part of a boxing family that will provide the necessary support and guidance to score an upset. Angulo can learn from a speedy fighter (Khan), relate and reflect on similar struggles (Berto), and learn about defense and counter attacking (Ward). Most importantly though is Virgil Hunter, the glue that holds it all together. He is a unique trainer who knows how to adapt and treat fighters the way they need to be treated. In looking at the BBQ that Virgil and his stable had in episode 1, there is a strong sense of camaraderie. As Virgil said, there are no egos involved and each fighter brings something to the table. What Virgil has created is a healthy community.

Canelo’s camp appears to be a healthy one too, but there are things that are missing there. Canelo is young and has a lot of learning to do. As featured BMB writer Jose Hernandez often says, Canelo needs a trainer who will tell him what he is doing wrong and challenge him to get better. What Canelo has right now is an entourage, not a training camp. They are enjoying the ride their young fighter is taking them on and they do not want to compromise that. If this continues, Canelo will not get any better and will enter his later years in his career as a one-dimensional fighter who relies on his physique and limited boxing IQ.

This fight is worth watching because it is an exciting match up. Golden Boy Promotions and ShowTime Sports’ game plan to get Canelo’s career back on track can be disrupted. It is a fact that Angulo will do whatever it takes to avoid being a stepping stone and defeat Canelo at whatever cost. The only disappointing aspect of this fight is that it is a pay-per-view event. How is that even possible?! Angulo has never headlined a ppv event. Canelo has been in undercards in some ppv events, but has only headlined once. The only reason he headlined one ppv event was because he was fighting against Floyd Mayweather Jr! As a boxing fan, blogger, and critic, I suggest not ordering this fight. Connect to the internet and simply live-stream it. Is that even legal to say?*
(*editors note, BMB Boxing does not condone the illegal streaming of copy written material)

Canelo vs. Perro Set

By Rudy Mondragon

Alfredo “Perro” Angulo (22-3, 18 KOs) will be facing Saul “Canelo” Alvarez (42-1-1, 30 KOs) on March 8th at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Great fight that will bring about a great deal of action. Both can mix it up in the ring and pack a powerful punch. Angulo has proven himself against a quick, technical boxer (Fight versus Erislandy Lara) which in my opinion, make him a dangerous threat to Canelo. It will be interesting to see how the young Canelo responds after his first professional defeat (September defeat to Floyd Mayweather).

I love the match up, but let’s be real, this is not a Pay Per View match! I get that Canelo’s last fight was PPV, but that was mostly due to Floyd Mayweather. Nothing is set in stone as to whether or not this will be a PPV event. I hope Golden Boy Promotions thinks of the fans first and foremost as well as keeping it real about the magnitude of this match up. All signs point to making this fight a free ShowTime event.