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Quick Take: Andy Ruiz Jr, the Baby-faced Destroyer

2013: 2014:   @MrAndrij @Ross_JasonF yes just let me get in shape just soo people wont be talking shit about my weight I promise I will be better nextfigh — Andy Ruiz Jr. (@AndyDestroyer13) November 24, 2013 I’d say he’s making great progress. Combined with his excellent punch volume, punch placement, and chin, he’s unstoppable. An […]

Boxing Is Dead?!

Or is it?! Boxing is alive and well. Just look at these upcoming fights! More to come for the summer, fall, and winter season of 2014 boxing. Stay tuned, Blood Money Boxing will be covering these with predictions, commentary, twitter updates, and more! Photo collage by The Boxing Ring

The Father, The Son, and Luis Collazo

I hesitate to call this an upset, only because I was really only looking forward to seeing Collazo just give it his best. It seemed that Ortiz’s heart was in the right vicinity (rebranded as Vincent?) since he came out blazing, not as “wound up” as a Malignaggi suggested, but as someone who desperately wanted […]