Quick Take: Andy Ruiz Jr, the Baby-faced Destroyer


Andy Ruiz Jr 2013




I’d say he’s making great progress. Combined with his excellent punch volume, punch placement, and chin, he’s unstoppable. An inspiration for me and someone the BMB admires as a student of the game, Andy Ruiz Jr. is poised to take over the heavyweight division. BMB contributor and friend Mike mentioned asked in last week’s Arreola vs. Stiverne fight, unimpressed; “What happened to the boxing talent in the heavyweight division? Was is so long ago that we were blessed with watching raw talents such as Mike Tyson grace US Heavyweight boxing?” I’d say yes, too much time has passed since we’ve seen exciting American Heavyweight boxing. MMA has probably relished that limelight with exciting higher weight division talents given the lack of talent in American boxing. But just you wait, Andy Ruiz Jr. is just hard mineral getting carved out from stone, that talent will shine if he demonstrates dedication and keeps winning.  

Andy will be fighting Manuel Quezada in Fresno tomorrow night, going after his 22nd win in a row. #warruiz

Boxing Is Dead?!

Boxing Is Dead?!

Or is it?!

Boxing is alive and well. Just look at these upcoming fights! More to come for the summer, fall, and winter season of 2014 boxing. Stay tuned, Blood Money Boxing will be covering these with predictions, commentary, twitter updates, and more!

Photo collage by The Boxing Ring

The Father, The Son, and Luis Collazo

I hesitate to call this an upset, only because I was really only looking forward to seeing Collazo just give it his best. It seemed that Ortiz’s heart was in the right vicinity (rebranded as Vincent?) since he came out blazing, not as “wound up” as a Malignaggi suggested, but as someone who desperately wanted to get into rhythm, albeit maybe a little forced. However, nothing Victor could do to change the winds that we’re saying it was Collazo’s night.

He was smooth, he was deliberate, and he was in utter control his jabs, hooks, and uppercuts, which were short, staccato, and wonderfully disruptive, constantly moving and deftly blocking and even smartly taking blows just so he could make Victor pay when he missed. I would even go as far as to say that it’s a shame the fight ended so early and Victor wasn’t game, someone worthy would have made this Thursday night an instant classic, perhaps ushering a return to the weekday fights that would get us 80s brats looking forward to hometown fights.

I commend Collazo calling out Mayweather. Why not? Collazo has long played the cannon fodder to the Welterweight division, a stepping stone for welterweights groomed for so-called success like Andre Berto. He never had the platform to speak from his heart, and he did so naturally (“I’m not a big puncher, but a hook on a hooker is deadly,” Collazo said. “It was nice and short. Boom!”) I give him a pass for calling out a fight he will never get HAHA. Even Paulie was shaking his head, a better matchup would’ve have been himself back there at Barclays.

Looking forward to see more of Luis in the future. I think a great matchup would be Broner (if he still wants to play with the big boys), Guerrero, or Maidana. But honestly, it was a perfect performance for the hard-nosed journeyman, he deserves whatever success comes to him. It’s nice to see a man at peace with himself, finally recognized for the hard work he’s put in this game. Luis is this year’s Cinderella man, and my winner for knockout of the year, called it! Congratulations Luis and the Starrett City Gym!