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    • I’m pleasantly surprised at Floyd sounding off on the dark logic of the boxing business as HBO subtly bumps the paths of Andre Ward away from their rising starts in GGG and Canelo. It’s like he’s shedding light on the monopolistic moves HBO is making now that they seem to be running away with the business, with headline-grabbing stars like Canelo, GGG, and Klitschko in news headlines giving HBO more of that A-side power in the larger boxing matchmaking business.

      I agree that this is a double standard. HBO is honing their messaging to outwardly seem GGG-like, Canelo-like, “take all comers”, but in reality their self-preservation is top priority, where they want their cash cows to produce as much as they can for as long as they can, if that means they avoid fights that don’t line up in their favor.

      What I don’t agree is that Ward would “easily” take out GGG. I think it would be an interesting fight, but GGG has yet to show us all his cards behind his brutal, seemingly one-dimensional boxing style. Just like Andre Ward himself, I think there’s more than meets the eye for GGG and his boxing skill. I hope Mayweather’s comments are taken seriously by Ward and the Roc Nation group, which as a promoting company I feel is in dire need of leadership if they want to swing the powers in their favor. Maybe Mayweather’s next moves are towards that direction. That would be exciting to see, if Mayweather brings in an eye for talent that could be successful at the stages he’s graced.

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