BMB 2015: A Reflection of a Year


Typically this time of year is a time full of reflection and nostalgia about the sport of boxing for BMB, but it’s really easy this time around take inventory for 2015 to be hopeful for the future.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is still retired. Boxing politics are seemingly eroding with the rise of Al Haymon’s democratization of PBC. Japanese boxing is hitting a golden age. The boxing media is persecuting pure boxing and worshiping fighters demonstrating an instinct to finish fights. Canelo vs. Cotto happened and escalated the legacy of both fighters. Roman Gonzalez is cementing his position as a living, fighting, all-time-great and leaves it all in the ring every fight. (I hope he never learns english and just keeps seeking the hardest competition out there, as if he’s finding out how far he can go in a fight.) GGG is captivating the world and is still trying to find a real challenge. Modern boxing technique is being honed with talent we’ve never seen before, and is arguably the deciding factor in the sport of mixed martial arts, where the biggest knockouts of the year came from punching technique.

On the personal side of things, I have also been honing my training all 2015 with 8 rounds of heavy bag and speed bag work with jumprope. Even though this is the lightest work compared to all the fighters we cover, I’m quite proud of the progress I’ve been making and how I feel that this training is absolutely necessary in my life nowadays. It’s the ultimate destresser, every session I learn something new without changing the routine, and is extremely efficient. Like Rocky says, “Time takes everyone out; time’s undefeated” it’s really nice being able to look in the mirror while training and just battle time in that moment while the clock is on, with double-unders, with overhand speed bag drills, and heavy bag combinations.

I put that picture up to remind the BMB team and boxing fans what the boxing sport is all about. It’s about confidence, courage, and competition. It’s about facing yourself in training, and facing your opponent on fight day. It’s about the fan’s anticipation and excitement and the corner. Lastly, its about the courage to see it to the end, as pure boxing back in the day was always about outlasting to finish a weakened opponent. Finishing with purpose is what boxing is all about. Cheers to all our readers, and the BMB team to a great 2015. We look forward to 2016 with pride.

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