Herrera & Collazo: You don’t play boxing


This weekend’s fights were like coinflips in the fates of two fighters who never seem to be on the bright side of the glamour of boxing. Luis Collazo let his fight go after 3 rounds of exposing Thurman and striking fear in his eyes. On the other hand, Herrera showed Lundy that his intimidation and rough tactics couldn’t even begin to shake his resolve. Though the result was completely opposite, I couldn’t help but see similarities in both fighters who have given so much to this sport, who grind hard for no one to see, who get up early and stay ready to pick up fights on a moments notice to prove their mettle. Whats even more amazing is that it seems like they’re doing this for themselves, pushing themselves harder when no ones looking to prove their own worst critics wrong.

Herrera’s story was familiar and he deserved the win. If his opponent was a “golden boy” the night might have turned out different. You’d think the judgement would’ve panned out the same for Collazo, who arguably should have had a Technical stoppage and to go to the cards but instead they let the story play out. Thurman started celebrating, hey maybe we should just give him the win.

A wise man once said, “God always answers our prayers, though not always in the way we wish.” Herrera was robbed numerous times, and had left it to God for another risky decision that could’ve went sideways. On the other hand, any other welterweight could’ve thrown a tantrum on the stoppage in Collazo’s case. I definitely give the fighter’s all the benefit of the doubt as to their fitness to fight. In my eyes, win or lose, NOBODY want anything to do with Collazo or Herrera. In boxing, it’s just as amazing to watch so called “gatekeepers” bring hyped-up prospects to re-evaluate their lives. Herrera’s win over Lundy did Lundy no favors, but Thurman’s win over Collazo attracts the wrong kind of challenge towards Thurman, lest he grows significantly from Collazo’s teachings in the ring.

It’s as if Collazo foresaw his future in a flash and said, “Hey maybe I showed him enough to teach him with.” Let’s hope that’s the case if Thurman gets Khan if they both lose the Mayweather sweepstakes.

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