Chocolatito & GGG: The cursed, the last Highlanders


What a night of boxing. Please check out our instagram for the latest clips of exciting knockouts by the highly favored Roman “Chocolatito” Gonzales and Gennady “GGG” Golovkin against their proud, but doomed opponents. When I did research on the opponents of the darlings of boxing pundits, I admit I didn’t see any interest until I saw the photos from the weigh in. Monroe Jr. wore sunglasses at the weigh in. Damn Edgar Sosa’s picture looks nervous on the tale of the tape. Were these opponents just marching towards their fate? Was the pressure of these champions so immense that it was inescapable? It seemed so, and I became more curious to the downside of their plans getting foiled tonight.

Maybe it’s the risk-taker whispering doubt in my ear, but what would the champions lose if they lost tonight? I began to think hard and just realized in a daze… they would’ve lost nothing.  A loss changes nothing. They would really want to bring that drama in if they could. It’s just that their champion souls burned so bright in their human but finely honed bodies that a loss would actually bring purpose to their domination. “Ahh,” they might say. “There are people that are better, and that’s why I must train harder and learn more to be the best. My punches are not strong, I’m not fast enough, I’m not smart enough, …” But of course they are. Triple G and Chocolatito are the very BEST of this sport and we saw 732 seconds of true, old-school but in the flesh sweet science.

And of course, Willie Monroe Jr. and Edgar Sosa were very good, but not even close to the candidates to bring these champions an inkling of doubt. In GGG’s case, and using a Dragon Ball Z metaphor, he even powered down to 60% in a round to bring that “Big Drama Show” to a crescendo just for his fans. Chocolatito and GGG’s spirit, strength, and courage are indomitable, and anyone who carries a belt in the division they live in know that for sure.

For the 112 lb. Flyweight division, I feel Chocolatito must have been feeling that fate. He is absolutely dominated the division and has demonstrated excellence in brutality against a dynamic spectrum of boxing styles. I feel what he might find to appease that champion drive is perhaps a move to higher weight classes but arguably he has more work ahead of him unifying the divsion, and it’s not like he’s suffering trying to make weight. His peaceful demeanor makes me think his 43-0 hides the wisdom he has beyond his years, and perhaps hiding a secret desire to hone the craft and push the science further. His highlight reel is certainly a priceless collection, and will remain timeless as boxing excellence executed to a T. Naoya Inoue might be on his radar on the 118lb division but his direction is upward in weight as a 22 year old. Regardless, tonight’s show was a swift execution of an experienced veteran in Edgar Sosa. It wasn’t even fair. Chocolatito stands among no one, and his resume will stand the test of time.

@chocolatito87 just lining them up and shooting em down #boxeo #boxing #gennadygolovkin #chocolatito #ko @rudymondragon #bmb A video posted by bloodmoneyboxing (@bloodmoneyboxing) on May 16, 2015 at 7:21pm PDT

Gennady Golovkin however, sits itchy on his throne, unsatisfied with lords of other boxing lands reaping rewards he believes should be for the strongest, the real champion. As if releasing his naive, perhaps even Roman expectations that the best would fight the best in these modern boxing days, he instead appeals to Mexican, Latin hearts, to gain traction and a powerful democratic voice to gain credibility for a fight with the Cotto’s the Canelo’s of the world. Even Andre Ward was in the conversation, yet GGG might have recognized him another Highlander to save for another time.

2015 might have had a bust in the fight of the century feeling like a robbery in it’s record-setting richness, but 2015 also proved that drama pays. Perhaps the trio of GGG, Cotto, and Canelo might be tipped with the very same hearts that GGG is appealing to, the Mexicans and real fight fans, and their thirst for fights on their holidays. GGG is now fully playing the game in and most importantly out of the ring, and perhaps learning from an outgoing Floyd Mayweather Jr. to hold on to that emotional connection you have to the fans, it’s powerful. I predict Floyd tipping the balance and pulling Cotto in for a rematch in September in 2015 and Canelo claiming his seat as the prince of Mexican Style with a bout with GGG in the fall as well. Christmas comes in September for fight fans and yours truly.

It’s very very lonely at the top, and we were treated to a night showing a total of 7 rounds of sweet sweet science. I guess if these type of champions truly took out everyone, there would be no drama. In fact, there would also be no need of refs, judges, or any other supporting roles that it takes to organize a boxing event. It would simply be arranged, and they would come out victorious as simple as that. But this is reality, and drama exists, even in boxing. The Big Drama Show.

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