Mr. Hopkins, this one is for you

No, B-hop is not the latest dance craze.  It isn’t a poor attempt at rapping either.  Bernard Hopkins is, simply, the ageless one.

I’m not going to sit here and list all of his accolades, records, etc. This here is simply my commentary about a man who has surpassed all expectations, especially at his age.  49 years old.  Still boxing.  Let me say that again.  49 years old.  I’m 30 and I know that I can barely punch an 80 lb bag 2 minutes before I’m going into cardiac arrest.  49 years, old?  Nay, 49 years young.

‘The Executioner’ as he is known, has broken many records as well as many hearts. He broke mine in 2001 after knocking out Tito Trinidad.  Now, I wasn’t a huge Trinidad fan, but as it happens many times, I went with my ‘Latino’ roots and wanted Trinidad to triumph over Hopkins.  That didn’t happen, as it took Hopkins 12 rounds to floor Tito.  When your dad jumps up to the ring to stop a fight, you know it’s over.

Oh, but we would have our just revenge, I thought.  Enter Oscar de la Hoya.  The Golden Boy and The Executioner duked it out in 2004.  As a fellow East LA’er, I wanted De la Hoya to get another belt and put down Hopkins.  And then, The Alien went ahead and spoiled my fun.  De la Hoya was KO’d after 9th round.

I’m still a little bitter.  The only way I could dislike Hopkins more is if he walked into my house and punched my dog.  But, I have mad respect for him.  He’s 49, a true testament that the human body can keep producing if you treat it right. Here’s a Men’s Fitness article about him not too many years ago.

Money Mayweather, a ‘child’ compared to Hopkins, will have many more years in the ring if he so chooses to keep making his money with his fists.

So this is an open letter to Mr. Hopkins.  I was never your fan, but I have to say I have nothing but respect for you. Good luck against Kovalev. I could put in a token guess at who will win this fight, but in my mind the result of the fight is secondary.  No matter the outcome, you’re already a winner in life.

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