After the Mayhem…

I ignored the buzz of my phone as I was enjoying my birthday dinner at Altura in Seattle, as my future wife reached for hers and asked, “Do you want to know?”


I responded knowingly, looking at the clock and noticing it was around an hour past fight time, “Nah, I know.”

Coming into the fight week, I was averse to the usual BMB twitter feed and instagram news that was actually hyping up Mayhem, the anticipated rematch between Maidana and Mayweather, after first passing on Amir Khan, and again passing on Manny Pacquiao. This time around, I just had a feeling that this wasn’t right, like looking at a really ostentatious ad for a buffet at a casino knowing that its going to be pretty much the same as any buffet, you’re going to hate yourself the same way afterwards.

I actually took the time to reflect on my upcoming birthday and (gasp) put boxing aside. Besides, I already regret not writing up the unification bout between Chocolatito and Akira Yaegashi, what should have been more news if I could’ve adjusted myself to the fact that boxing primetime can exist at other times since there are other boxing worlds beyond Las Vegas.

And that’s the crux. Las Vegas has been the center of boxing attention because of the simplicity of boxing’s translation as a sport towards gambling. “Big fights don’t happen very often, but when they do, they happen in Vegas, and bettings are ripe and winnings are big.” But lo and behold, the legacy of Money Mayweather, working all his life to refine his incredible boxing skill to virtually eliminate risk, is actually repelling the Vegas audience away with his all-but-certain outcome to what should’ve, always been a risky, emotional, heart-tugging combat sport.

Us readers and fans have been voting with our wallets concerning Mayweather, so hopefully this ushers in an opportunity for other fighters to shine. Here’s to the Thurman’s, the Chocolatitos, the Ruiz Jr’s, the Froch’s, the Figueroa’s, the Mikey Garcia’s.

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