Showtime Boxing Recap

Broner Matt.

By Rudy Mondragon

Berto Comeback 

Andre Berto made his way back to the ring after a year of inactivity and two loses (Soto Karass and Robert Guerrero). Two things were learned from this fight. 1) Andre Berto appears to be the same as before and has not shown much improvement since working with Virgil Hunter. 2) Fighting Steve Chambers was a warm up fight for his next warm up fight. Andre was able to win 80-90% of the fight, 8 or 9 rounds out of 10.

Nothing impressive to a critical eyes that know boxing and can easily say that this fight was nothing but a match up to put Andre’s name back in the mix. The road will only get rockier for him.

Lucas Matthysee: Sick Body Shot

Lucas Matthysee came out tonight with a second round knockout victory over Robert Ortiz. It was indeed a nasty body shot, but two things went down before the contest was over. Robert Ortiz appeared to be okay after the body shot. Okay enough to continue in the fight, but he did not look interested in continuing the fight nor was he upset that the referee stopped it. Secondly, Benjy Esteves Jr.’s count was off and he stopped the bout prematurely.

Either way, Lucas appeared to be in control and on his way to victory. Will this set up a rematch with Danny Garcia? Or will this set up a new match-up against Andrien Broner?

Adrien Broner Good, Not Great 

Adrien Broner and Emmanuel Taylor put on an exciting technical fight. It is not everyday you can say that a technical fight was exciting, but this one sure did deliver. This was Broner’s opportunity to make a statement and let the world know that he is elite. He came up short in making that statement. The statement he did make was that he is a good fighter when entering the ring against B level fighters. Emmanuel Taylor put on a great performance, but the reality is that Taylor is not Marcos Maidana or Lucas Matthysee or Danny Garcia or [Insert A Level Fighter Here]. What Broner can do against lesser opponents cannot be assumed that an A side fighter will forgive Adrien Broner.

There was good action from both fighters tonight. Taylor landed some good rights, was able to push Broner back on his heels and force him to fight while retreating. Adrien showed his quickness and accuracy, but was not busy enough. Going into the 7th round, the fight was even on most unofficial cards. Broner was able to collect points from round 7-10 as Taylor appeared to take a break, as if he was saving himself for the championship rounds.

Rounds 11 and 12 were exciting. Taylor was looking good in the final round until Broner was able to land a solid left hook that floored Taylor. Taylor finished the fight, but Broner was able to collect enough points to win the match.

judge: Scott Maddox 116-111 | judge: Gary Merritt 115-112 | judge: Robert Pope 116-111

Time will tell to see what is next. Broner welcomes the idea of fighting Lucas Matthysee. Lucas Matthysee wants a rematch with Danny Garcia but is also open to a fight with Broner. Matthysee poses another dangerous threat for Broner. A power punch thrown by Matthysee on Broner will do damage.  Broner does not have the same boxing ability or defense as Danny Garcia. Having said that, Matthysee is not the right move for Broner if they (as in Golden Boy and Al Haymon) want to keep Adrien’s winning streak alive.

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