Quick Take: Marvin Sonsona wants Redemption

Vasquez Sonsona

Looks like the card to the Maravilla vs. Cotto event will also be exciting with Filipino prospect “Marvelous” Marvin Sonsona to try to redeem his first knockout loss from Puerto Rican Wilfredo Vasquez Jr. Wilfredo is a tough fighter, he has been in the ring with big names in the bantamweight division such as Arce, and Donaire, but lost to those two fellows. Not without making an impression, which he must have because he hasn’t had a big name fight since. Marvin Sonsona, however, does not lack from talent, and is coming back from a string of 4 wins in a row with his confidence at an all time high. Though he came in overweight, and seems to have problems in that area as his reign as Super Flyweight champion ended also because of weight issues.

If he is able to be disciplined and focused in the ring, he should win, but his carelessness might end the fight early for him as Wilfredo is a solid fighter. BMB will be tuning in!

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