Light Heavyweight Thoughts: Superman vs. Russia, Russia Wins

Adonis Loserston

After seeing the opening round of Adonis Stevenson, knowing only his highlight reel knockouts, I was prepared to be impressed. I thought I was sitting before another Al Haymon protege, a fighter being groomed for superstardom. Should’ve known, since he was called “Superman.”

But all I saw was looping, telegraphed punches, with his hands down, extremely lazy guard for a fighter in the first round. Fonfara actually landed 2 shots that round on the inside that surely surprised Adonis, that was missed by the announcers. Was this really the future of the Light Heavyweight boxers? Someone hunting ducks with a counterfeit bolo knife? As soon as the 2nd round started, Fonfara was not respecting Stevenson’s punches, and was landing his own with very bad intentions. Suffice it to say, I ended up being a Fonfara/Kovalev fan at the end of the day, and scoffed at what seemed like another Al Haymon stable prima-donna.

Sergey Kovalev will surely dismantle this so-called “Superman” from Canada, if they ever fight. If they do, Superman better do some supermans or something, because Kovalev will go cold war on his ass. And if Al Haymon ever reads this, I guess he wins, the fighter-archetype he’s seemingly predisposed to adding to his stable might be putting butts to seats, and fingers to keyboard in the boxing media space. But if that’s what he thinks boxing promoting amounts to, then that’s a sad state of affairs. You can’t raise fighters to think that they’re Lebron, because unlike Lebron, these guys get hit in the face for a living. What happened to fighters training for endurance, training for resilience, and training for heart just as much as they sharpen their boxing skills. Wasn’t that what really made fighters go far? Is there anyone left in promoting that thinks this is how boxing must be? Lou Di Bella call #BMB! Ego @boxingego breaks it down as well below:

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