Quick Take: Andy Ruiz Jr, the Baby-faced Destroyer


Andy Ruiz Jr 2013




I’d say he’s making great progress. Combined with his excellent punch volume, punch placement, and chin, he’s unstoppable. An inspiration for me and someone the BMB admires as a student of the game, Andy Ruiz Jr. is poised to take over the heavyweight division. BMB contributor and friend Mike mentioned asked in last week’s Arreola vs. Stiverne fight, unimpressed; “What happened to the boxing talent in the heavyweight division? Was is so long ago that we were blessed with watching raw talents such as Mike Tyson grace US Heavyweight boxing?” I’d say yes, too much time has passed since we’ve seen exciting American Heavyweight boxing. MMA has probably relished that limelight with exciting higher weight division talents given the lack of talent in American boxing. But just you wait, Andy Ruiz Jr. is just hard mineral getting carved out from stone, that talent will shine if he demonstrates dedication and keeps winning.  

Andy will be fighting Manuel Quezada in Fresno tomorrow night, going after his 22nd win in a row. #warruiz

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