Post-Fight Thoughts: Floyd’s Lost Strikes inside the Chino Hurricane


Maidana Mayweather TradeShowtime’s stacked card put a stir in the boxing community that will likely last all week in an event that probably will temper the expectations of excitement towards any other fight this year.

Love vs. Periban

This started the night pretty well with Periban applying constant pressure to J’Leon, forcing him to stay awake when he looked like he’d rather just party it up with the rest of Vegas that night. J’Leon cut Periban’s face and forced Periban to fight with his eye cut, aggravating his attempts to close distance to a quick J’Leon. Periban was able to hurt J’Leon, but he recovered and looked confident while cruising to a win.

Broner vs. Molina

Molina similarly started hot against his annoyingly-decent opponent Broner, and was effective in landing overhand blows to Broner’s head. However, to everyone’s dismay, he tattoo’d Molinas face with combinations on the inside. Broner showed better intuition for combinations, but doesn’t seem to be showing anything telling towards actual improvement, given his resources and talent, as well as the pedestrian opponent he picked to fight. Molina served great entertainment, but I wish no mic was given to Broner, who won the unanimous decision.

Mayweather Jr. vs. Maidana

Maidana had an excellent pace to start, and seemingly maintained that pace for all 12 rounds, with less output towards the end. However, he managed to still throw blows, to the credit of his team’s game plan, and throw significant punches to minimize the effect of Mayweather’s increasing accuracy. He raised his hands joyfully, hoping the judges would score based on activity, because his blows and ring generalship was diminishing just a little at the end. Mayweather, however, was frustrated, not being able to pull the trigger because of his stinginess and high-expectations of landing. Maidana had great movement and was utilizing a jab and mixing punches. It was a simple equation of more punches = less punches from Mayweather, and that was evident at the history of Mayweather’s fights. Though, Floyd did say that he was going to stand toe-to-toe with Maidana, it’s just probably now, he wish he hadn’t promised that.

Compubox Maidana Mayweather

The infographic above just tells me who could ever be successful to land a ratio higher and to win more convincingly compared to Maidana? Who?? I’m being facetious, but truly, here’s to more and better fights this year. Happy Sunday everyone!


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