Predictions for #TheMoment


BMB Fam, here is the prediction for the match between Floyd Mayweather Jr (45-0, 26 KOs) and Marcos Maidana (35-3, 31 KOs). We start off with a special prediction by Sergio “The Latin Snake” Mora.

Miguel Marino 

Here are the numbers that matter: 45-0. Others can point at these numbers: 37 v. 30 (age of Mayweather v. Maidana), 89% (Maidana knockout win percentages) and $170 million v. $6 million (estimated net worth of Mayweather v. Maidana). Age shouldn’t matter at this point. The Maidana KO win percentage is interesting and can pose a problem for Mayweather. I always imagined the first person to beat Mayweather was someone who would knock him out. The net worth difference is just hilarious and makes me feel sad for Maidana and all other boxers (as well as myself). No matter what numbers you look at, this fight is a going to be another notch in the belt for Mayweather.

Mayweather by Unanimous Decision 

Mateo Banegas 

Like many boxing fans, I think it would be great to witness Maidana continue his giant-killing streak against the pound-for-pound king. However, I just don’t see it happening.

If nothing else, Mayweather has shown us time and time again how he employs his uncanny boxing skills and defensive technique to outclass opponents with the characteristics of Maidana – a slugger, who is flat-footed and not known for good lateral movement. So, there is no reason to think that this time around will be any different.

The only way I see Maidana winning is if he can land enough body shots to slow Mayweather down and put him in a position for a knockout.

Mayweather by Unanimous Decision

Luke Givens

This will not go well for Maidana.  Mayweather is coming in ranked #1 pound for pound, 45-0, with -1200 odds.  This is boxing, so of course there’s always a puncher’s chance (and Maidana can certainly punch) but I just don’t see anything close to a victory for the Argentine.  This fight goes one of two ways: a.) Mayweather puts on a boxing clinic like he did against Guerrero.  He takes advantage of his superior speed and footwork to keep his slower, clumsier opponent off balance and missing. b.) Mayweather comes in looking to make a statement i.e Miguel Cotto.  He stands in the pocket using a high-shoulder, lots of head movement and combinations to pepper away at his opponent.  It means he gets hit with more punches and it certainly means he opens himself up to one of those big shots Maidana is known for, but it also proves that he’s willing to trade shots with one of the hardest punchers in the division.  Mayweather’s at a point where he’s trying to cement his legacy so call me silly but I’m actually leaning towards the latter.  But let’s be serious here…$ not knocking anyone out.

Mayweather via Unanimous Decision.

Rudy Mondragon

This fight is closer than we think. Floyd is the champion entering this fight and will have a load of powerful advantages entering this fight. He has been here before, this is nothing new to the Money Legend. He does however have quite a bit of mental challenges ahead. A fighter is a fighter and can block mental aspects out, but a fighter is not immune to mental fatigue. Dealing with a four year engagement, abortion of twins from his ex, struggles of being surrounded by an entourage but feeling lonely, Miss Jackson now dating Nelly, and these two apparently attending tomorrow’s event. This is the shot that I give the hard punching brawler, Chino Maidana. I see Maidana having early success in going to Floyd’s body, but missing to the head. On these misses, once Floyd times and calculates Maidana, it will be a Floyd clinic. Look to see a demonstration of the sweet science as Floyd disables and neutralizes Maidana’s power and relentless and never say quit attack. It will be the roughest fight Mayweather has been in because Maidana will have not respect for Floyd and will not be phased by the lights.  I say this fight is closer than we think in the sense that I see Maidana being busy early on and able to win close rounds on the judges cards. He will make Floyd work extra hard, but Floyd will simple box and do what he needs to collect points and win via unanimous decision. I see this fight 7 rounds to 5 in favor of Money May.

Mayweather by Unanimous Decision 

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