Hopkins vs. Shumenov Prediction


By Rudy Mondragon

Tomorrow night we have light heavyweight championship action. In an IBF and WBA unification match, Bernard Hopkins (54-6-2, 32 KOs) will take on Beibut Shumenov (14-1, 9 KOs) at the DC Armory in Washington DC. Beibut is the younger fighter who has scored 3 KO/TKO victories in his last 4 fights. Bernard is the older man who at 49 has won 2 straight fights against much younger fighters.

This fight looks very interesting on paper. Bernard will attempt to break his own record as the oldest fighter to capture and defend a boxing title. Will tomorrow night be the night where he finally shows his age? Beibut has power, 9 KOs in his 14 victory career. Will he be able to knock out the veteran? It is worth noting that Hopkins has never been knocked out in his 25 years of boxing.

Although this fight looks interesting on paper, it really is not. Beibut is the younger man who does not have the experience needed to fight an experienced veteran like Bernard. As Sergio Mora pointed out, the bright lights will either make Beibut tamed or a beast. How will the younger champion respond to this type of stage?

Additionally, Beibut’s timing is off and often times appears to be looking for single power-punches to land at a time. This will not yield him positive results, as Bernard is a master of clinching and disabling his opponents arsenal. As stated by Sergio Mora, Hopkins will have problems early on as a result of Beibut’s strength. Once Hopkins adjusts and gets his rhythm, he will be able to execute his signature collect points game plan.

It is easy to say that Hopkins will get old tomorrow. However, given the history of Bernard Hopkins’ preparation and healthy lifestyle, I do not see Hopkins getting old over night. This happens to fighters who have abused their body with alcohol, lived the party life, disregard what they put in their body when not training for a fight, and have taken beatings in the ring. Hopkins is one of the few out there who has not lived that life. Because of his lifestyle, Hopkins will not age over night but rather has been slowly declining over years. As a result of his slow decline, Bernard is highly selective on picking fighters he knows he can beat at this level. This is why he will collect points tomorrow and come away victorious.

Bernard Hopkins by split decision 

What are your thoughts BMB family? What is your prediction?

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