Quick Take With Mateo B: Garcia vs Herrera

Garcia Herrera

By Mateo Banegas

Garcia (28-0, 16 KOs) vs. Herrera (20-4, 7 KOs)

Boxing fans were treated to a great bout last night, as Danny Garcia looked to build his international star power by shining in a fight that took place in his familial motherland of Puerto Rico. But if followers of Garcia expected him to run over a relatively unknown Herrera, they got a big surprise.

Herrera, a lightweight from Riverside, California who boasts a win over the Siberian Rocky (Ruslan Provodnikov) and often serves as a sparring partner to Timothy Bradley, caused trouble for Garcia and earned some well-deserved boxing credit while doing so. Herrera, who pressed the action for much of the night, executed his fight plan with excellence, landing the left jab and body shots, cutting off the ring and employing wily movement.

This led to a frustrated Garcia, who was unable to deploy his well-known power and killer left hook. Yet, as with any good champion, Garcia was able to win points by landing some good power shots and throwing enough combinations to make him seem effective.

The fight was close and had great action, with moments of grace for both boxers, but neither of them having solidified a clear victory. As is the case in these types of fights, much to the dismay of boxing fans, it came down to the judges. In the end, Garcia pulled out a majority decision, with two judges calling it for Garcia and one judge calling it a draw.

judge: Gustavo Padilla 114-114 | judge: Carlos Colon 112-116 | judge: Alejandro Rochin 112-116

While many boxing fans would have been most content with a draw, the decision was not surprising. To win a decision and take the championship belt, the contender has to beat the champ in a clear and decisive fashion. And while Herrera did an incredible job against Garcia, it simply wasn’t enough to dethrone him.

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