Canelo vs. El Perro: BMB Predictions


On March 8, 2014, Alfredo El Perro Angulo (22-3-2, 18 KOs) will face off with Saul Canelo Alvarez (42-1-1, 30 KOs) in the MGM Grand in Las Vegas Nevada. The bout is contracted at the 154 lbs limit and will be refereed by the great, Tony Weeks. Both figthers are coming off losses and have a lot to fight for. Canelo looks to get back on track, and Angulo is out to prove that he is no stepping stone. Here are the predictions of the BMB Crew.

LAST MINUTE NEWS: CANELO DIDN’T MAKE WEIGHT! Click here to learn more via Bleacher Report

Jarrett Bato

I’m going with Angulo, TKO in the 10th round. To me, Angulo has shown progress in being a more compact combination puncher, and combined with his natural body-blow talents, I believe he has the edge if the fight goes long. And it certainly will, as Canelo has not been able to knock anyone off their feet since Trout, and in that long fight, Canelo was gassed. I really want Canelo to learn that he has to do something different if he’s going to elevate beyond his natural talent, and I think El Perro is going to teach him when he brings him underwater in the 10th round #warangulo

Angulo TKO 10th Round

Miguel Marino 

On the heels of Canelo’s first loss as a professional boxer, there is no doubt that a loss on Saturday could mean the beginning of the end for Canelo. A consecutive loss on the national stage would ruin his appeal and send him the way of Kimbo Slice (too soon?). We know this, he knows this, and Vegas knows this. Canelo is a big favorite and likely to see a lot of gambling action his way. Vegas has set it up such that you’d have to gamble $800 on Canelo to get $100, while a similar $800 bet on Angulo would bring in a cozy $4000. Let’s not forget that some of the biggest upsets in sports history have been in boxing (e.g. Douglas over Tyson). Tyson was a 35-1 favorite! While Canelo is no Tyson, I am pretty certain Angulo is no Douglas. This should be a straightforward fight with Canelo winning by TKO.

Canelo TKO

Jose Hernandez 

“El Perro”Angulo is set to shock the boxing world this Saturday as he defeats “El Canelo” Alvarez. Ok, so “Shock the boxing world” is perhaps a bit strong. El Perro has all the tools necessary to handily defeat the diva that has become of Alvarez. Looking back at Angulo’s previous bout with Lara and Canelo’s previous two fights (Money and Trout), one can find some evidence of how Angulo can attack and potentially punch his way to victory versus Canelo. Angulo was minutes away from victory (depending on the judges) versus Lara (a supremely skilled boxer with great foot-work) off of his pure will and his dogged determination to attack the body, which set up his knock-downs. I see Angulo imposing his calculated will and relentless body work (this is his 4th fight with Virgil, and calculated he will be) against a less skilled boxer (compared to Lara) in Canelo. Look out for an improved Angulo in terms of defense as-well. Virgil’s game is defense and I see this fight as Angulo’s rebirth. Canelo attacks in bursts throughout the fight (and in response to being hit with flush shots from his opponents), something he couldn’t do with Money (skill and speed were too much for Canelo) but something that he did well with Trout, who had a steady attack and was catching him flush, albeit with no real punching power. These responsive bursts ultimately swayed the judges his way. These exchanges, in response to Angulo’s attacks, will be Canelo’s only hope. He can either (1) Catch Angulo with a devastating punch (Canelo has power?) and win the fight in spectacular fashion or (2) win the judges points on the back of Angulo’s work. If Angulo can stick to the game plan that Virgil has carefully crafted for him, the night will be good for him. If he reverts back to his brawling uncalculated ways, he will play into the fighter Canelo hopes to fight. Ironically, if the fight goes the distance, Angulo has a slim chance even if he puts Canelo down. He needs a KO to win.

Angulo with the upset victory 

Juan Santillan 

Canelo’s first loss in his young career was to none other than the best boxer/entrepreneur, Money Mayweather.  I think he understands that he needs to shake that one off and put a few W’s under his belt and get back to being the next big thing in Mexican boxing. Otherwise, he will well be on his way to becoming the red-haired Ortiz (-1 point by the ref for a low-blow, ok, I’ll back off and keep the blows above the belt).  He can’t afford another loss, as that will diminish his Mexican following and marketability.  Translation, a loss to Angulo will negate his bank account and prospective future earnings.  Angulo will be a very tough challenge, and one that Canelo should not underestimate, but I believe Canelo has the skill and power to beat Angulo.  Canelo in 6 by TKO.

Canelo TKO 6th Round

Rudy Mondragon

Virgil Hunter is the best thing to happen to Angulo. The way he talks to Angulo and challenges him show the special bond these two have. Hunter is about intentionality. Trying new things to make Angulo better. These things will pay off. Hunter will equip Angulo with a game-plan that consists of identifying when Canelo is gassed. Canelo is known for tiring after he goes on quick attacking spurts. By weathering those storms, Angulo will be able to apply overwhelming pressure and unleash violent body attacks that will open up Canelo’s head. I see violent exchanges resulting in knockdowns on both ends. In the end, Angulo’s heart, tenacity, durability, and passion will carry him to a 11th round stoppage.

Angulo TKO 11th Round 

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