George Zimmerman: The Killer Turned “Celebrity”

By Rudy Mondragon 

There is an intersection that exists between boxing and black life that manifested itself in a horrific way this week. Damon Feldman, owner of Celebrity Boxing and a disgusting opportunist, is putting together a “celebrity” boxing match between George Zimmerman and hip hop artist, DMX. For those who don’t know, George Zimmerman is the person responsible for killing Trayvon Martin in cold blood. Zimmerman walked away without being immediately arrested and was then acquitted of all charges. He remains free today and continues to accumulate domestic violence charges. Mychal Denzil Smith, contributor of The Nation, clearly states it when he said that Zimmerman “has to also become a celebrity, built his ‘career’ of killing black children and abusing women” 

There is something very wrong about this. Damon Feldman is creating a stage for George Zimmerman and is using charity to fool the people into thinking this is for a good cause. The implications of this are huge. Black stereotypes will be perpetuated through an event like this. DMX will be framed as the angry black man looking for revenge in the most violent way. This is what many will take away from this event. Additionally, a brutal beat down does not bring any justice to the Martin family. It will only provide a false sense of satisfaction that will eventually go away. But the pain of having lost yet another black youth will remain and the reality that black life in America is undervalued will go unchallenged.

It’s Black History Month. Yes, the shortest month of the year. It is also February 5th, a day in which Trayvon Martin would have turned 19 years of age. As a boxing community, let’s give this some serious thought and remember that we have pride as boxing fans and power as consumers. Will we feed the beast and further legitimize this disgusting circus?  Or will we take a stand and say fuck George Zimmerman and everything he is about? The power of choice is yours…

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  1. Completely agree with you. This is flagrant opportunism at it’s worst. As a community, what do we gain from such a spectacle? Will Zimmerman get a pass after he gets his ass kicked? It’s a lose-lose situation, this won’t bring any sort of justice to a country that is still divided by racial tension and inequality. How long will people of color be seen as ignorant, wild and violent individuals who settle everything with blood? This is truly despicable and I really hope that people in the community rise up and say no to this idiot.

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