Another Warrior Gone


By Rudy Mondragon 

Boxing is a serious combat sport and a way of life for many.  Professional boxers assume risk, not only during training camp but also on the night of their fights. Tragedy is not foreign to professional boxing and is an unfortunate reality that comes with the territory.  On the night of February 1, 2014, the boxing community lost another warrior.

Oscar ‘Finito’ Gonzalez was coming off three consecutive wins. One of these wins was against former WBA World Super Bantamweight champ, Rico Ramos. Going into his February 1, 2014 fight, Gonzalez was slated as the heavy favorite. Oscar started strong in his fight against Jesus Galicia. As the fight continued, Gonzalez began to fade and absorbed some punishment. In the tenth round, Gonzalez could take no more, was given oxygen and rushed to a hospital. He was declared brain dead.

The boxing world loses another member of our valued community. Rest in peace, Oscar ‘Finito’ Gonzalez (April 22, 1990 – February 2, 2014).

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