Maidana Solves the Problem: Round by Round Breakdown


By Rudy Mondragon

The stage was set last night as a calm and relaxed Chino Maidana made his way into the ring with his trainer, Robert Garcia. Adrien Broner entered the ring with lots of energy, walking around the ring and jumping up and down in front of Maidana as a way to taunt him and get in his head. The stage was set, the fireworks were minutes away from popping off. Jimmy Lennon yelled out, “It’s Showtime!” It definitely was.

Round One

Slow start by Broner as Maidana took advantage of this. Maidana was able to catch Broner with a clean overhand right to the temple, which buckled Broner. Broner dry humped Maidana, making himself look silly. Maidana established his power and won the round (Maidana Round, 10-9)

Round Two

Maidana put Broner down early in the round! Good body work and hard rights and lefts by Maidana. Broner was on survival mode, yet tells his corner, “we’re okay, chill the fuck out!” Maidana stopped using his jab, went straight for power punches. Punch that put Broner down looked like a jab, but turned into a hard  left hook. (Maidana Round, 10-8)

Round three

Broner showed some speed in this round and played on his counter shots. Maidana didn’t throw his jab, which hurt him here. Was able to connect a body shot on Broner, but Broner did enough to slow the pace down a bit and win the round. (Broner Round, 10-9)

Round four

Maidana landed a strong left hook and did good body work. Broner was not busy, tried to counter and catch Maidana coming in. However, Maidana was busier and landed the power shots. (Maidana Round, 10-9)

Round five

Broner starts with a nice upper cut, but Maidana responds with a left of his own! Maidana reinvests in his jab and sets up good body work. First warning for Broner for pushing. Second warning for pushing on Broner! Dirty round by Broner, but did well to win the round with his counter punches and accurate shots. (Broner Round, 10-9)

Round six

Broner comes out using his speed and looks determined in his stance. Maidana was using his jab more in this round, but appeared to be tiring or maybe resting. Good finish to the round as Maidana connected more power shots, but Broner was accurate enough to win the round. (Broner Round, 10-9)

Round seven

Half way through the fight and Maidana came out on fire this round! Landed a clean right shot to start the round. Referee yelled to Broner “don’t push.” Not an official warning, but again letting Broner know not to do that. Close round, but Maidana finished a bit stronger. (Maidana Round, 10-9)

Round eight

Maidana backing up a bit this round. This helped Broner control the pace and tempo of the fight. Maidana with great body work and hook to the face puts Broner down! Referee Laurence Cole did not break up a clinch in time and Maidana used his head to chin check Broner. Referee took a point away from Maidana, costing him the 10-8 round scoring. Cole needed to call it even, he was giving too much power to Broner. Broner milked the chin check, as if he were looking for the DQ, a way out of this tough fight. As Pauli Malignaggi said, good point deduction, but referee needed to step in faster. (Maidana Round, 9-8)


Round nine

Broner back on his heels to start off the round. Maidana caught Broner on the ropes, making him uncomfortable. Broner staggered again! Maidana almost closed down the show, but Broner held on smartly. Broner on defensive mode, not punching back at all. Had Maidana buckled or dropped Broner, this would have been a 10-8 round easy. (Maidana Round, 10-9)

Round ten

Shoulder roll defense failed Broner as he took a clean right by Maidana a minute into the round. Broner still not busy, Maidana doing work. More pushing by Broner and no point deduction by referee, Laurence Cole. At the conclusion of the round, Broner’s corner let him know that he needed a KO. Broner disagreed. (Maidana Round, 10-9)

Round eleven

Better round by Broner. Looking more aggressive as Maidana is throwing left. Highlight of the round: Maidana turns Broner and dry humps him back. KARMA! Maidana with a lead hook, Broner let the round slip as Maidana is took over. Broner fighting dirty as Maidana falls through the ropes and Broner takes a shot at him Maidana responded though and tagged Broner. A cheap shot well after the bell taken by Broner, looked desperate and defeated. Once again, no warning or point deducted. Robert Garcia lets the referee know to call it both ways. Robert Garcia coaching like 2013’s Trainer of the Year, seconds away from the beginning of the 12th and final round. (Maidana Round, 10-9)

Round twelve  

Once again, fail by Laurnce Cole. Tape on Broner’s glove was showing at the end of the 11th round and Cole did not bring it to Broner’s teams attention. Round started and Cole finally called it to their attention. Broner had a good final round, Maidana appeared to still be hurt from that last minute shot in the 11th. Another warning to Broner for pushing, but no point deducted! Maidana left it all in the ring, looked tired. Maidana connected a left and buckled Broner again! Wow, what a finish by these two. Broner’s mouth was wide open as Maidana landed powerful lefts. The final bell, Broner walked away defeated as Maidana was lifted on a teammate’s shoulders with his arms held high in the air. Time for the judges cards. (Broner Round, 10-9)

Blood Money Boxing Card by Rudy Mondragon
116 Marcos Maidana – 110 Adrien Broner

Official cards
judge: Levi Martinez 117-109 | judge: Nelson Vazquez 115-109 | judge: Stanley Christodoulou 115-110

And the new WBA Welterweight Champion of the world, Marcos ‘El Chino’ Maidana! Great performance by El Chino, as he used his jab to set up his power shots. He used beautiful movement to confuse Broner and took Broner’s best shots. Maidana said he was hurt in the 12th round, but beyond that was okay. Adrien Broner refused to stay in the ring and address his fans and the media. Clear sign of his lack of maturity and inexperience with dealing with adversity in boxing. Maybe he was hurt and needed medical attention, but Adrien should have been a professional and a good sport as he was defeated by a better man tonight. No doubt this was the Fight of the Year!

What is next for El Chino? In my opinion, a nice vacation and rest. It would be great to put Maidana in the ring with Keith Thurman, who also won last night. But in all honesty, from a business standpoint, Thurman does not generate money. Mayweather versus Maidana would generate money and folks would frame it as “Big Brother’s Revenge.” I like that fight because Maidana deserves to make some money for all the work he has done. I would hate to see his promoters put him in there for another tough fight and deny him of a nice pay day. I would however, like to see Ruslan Provodnikov and El Chino square off in the future. This would again pin hall of fame trainers, Robert Garcia and Freddie Roach.

As far as Broner, he too needs some rest as this is his first major beating in the game. I can see him going  down to 140lbs and look to compete in that division. However, if he does not take care of himself between fights, he will be forced to stay at 147lbs, which will make his life difficult as that division is full of heavy hitters. Adrien needs to party less and use this humbling experience as an opportunity to reflect and learn. Same way Floyd Mayweather Jr learned after his first real test against Jose Luis Castillo, Broner will too need to learn and come back strong if he wants to establish himself as the future of boxing.


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