Garcia::Matthysse Prediction

By Rudy Mondragon

I like this fight because of what it does for boxing and how it balances out tonights card. Although Mayweather//Canelo is an amazing fight, many might be disappointed because this fight has all the ingredients for being a highly technical and strategic fight. Lucas Matthysse and Danny Garcia are both heavy handed punchers who are fan favorites because they fight for the knockout more so than fighting a defensive fight for a 12 round decision. This fight will bring excitement and will be a nail biter. Here are the keys to victory:

Keys to victory for Garcia

  1. Box patiently. Any mistakes made by Danny and Lucas will make him pay with deadly counter rights, which Garcia has been vulnerable to in the past.
  2. Do you and don’t get caught up in the hype. I have noticed Danny to be more engaged in the promotional aspect of his fights since he fought Zab Judah. He needs to let his dad hype the fight and more so focus on Lucas.
  3. Timing. Danny will need to time his counter right to set up combos that will possibly set up knockout punches.

Keys to victory for Lucas:

  1. Experience. Lucas is 30 and has waited a while for this moment. He will need to reflect on his loses to Alexander and Judah and use that tonight.
  2. Continue to apply the technical skills that he’s developed. By using his jab, he will create opportunities for himself.
  3. Start early. This will allow Lucas to set the tone early and dictate the pace of the fight.

Like I said, I love this fight. I like Danny Garcia as I see him as a really kick back kind of person. His father get’s carried away many times, especially when he makes hyper patriotic statements about fighters who come from other countries. Danny needs to be careful to not become his father in the sense of trash talking because I just don’t see him being that way. He needs to find his own way and identity as a boxer and as a person who promotes himself for upcoming fights.

This fight will come down to timing. Who can catch who first? I believe that Matthysse’s experience will give him the edge as he has learned from his 2 defeats to Alexander and Zab. Danny has not really experienced struggle inside the ring. He will struggle in the ring against Lucas and if he can’t weather the storm, Matthysse will have a path towards victory. I see Lucas timing Danny nicely, setting up strong counter rights and putting him down with a left hook. Ref will have to stop it because Danny is a true warrior.

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