The Testament


I’ve been building my own perspective on the megafight coming tomorrow night and have come to a conclusion that this fight is important fundamentally because the pound for pound king Floyd Mayweather Jr. is putting up his pure boxing testament again for its 45th test of its superiority.

Canelo just might win, amazingly, past what Mayweather may think is his destiny. But I feel even if that happens,  tomorrow night we’ll be witnessing another amazing display of the pure outboxing, evasion, countering, “hit-but-not-get-hit” style paired with an obsessively prepared boxing mind. What’s also interesting is that Canelo is building some affinity to that style in places, but not in expense to his slugger, upperhook swinging style. Canelo still plays the yang, to Mayweather’s yin in tomorrow’s theater of the MGM Grand. As the audience member with the front seat to the Mayweather experience, Canelo will indeed witness and learn in leaps and bounds tomorrow night. The question is, will he respond and elevate that pugilistic/fistic conversation? BIG WORDS. HARD WORK. DEDICATION. BOXING!

Either way, I really feel like we’re going to witness an amazing show tomorrow night.

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