Gennady Golovkin KOs Matthew Macklin


By Rudy Mondragon

Gennady “GGG” Golovkin (27-0, 24 KOs) faced Matthew Macklin (29-5, 20 KOs) in Mashantucket, Connecticut last night. It was an easy night for Gennady as he once again demonstrated the danger of his power punch arsenal. 

Ring commentator and boxer, Andre Ward, commented in the second round that he saw no real need for GGG to utilize his defensive skills. It was that kind of a night and that kind of a fight. The first two rounds consisted of Macklin surviving the rounds as GGG stalked him. GGG landed some firm shots that shook Macklin as he made it out of the first and second round.

Gennady was able to finish off his man in the third round with a left power shot to Macklin’s right side. A devastating body shot that many boxers describe as “an electric jolt to the system that basically disconnects everything from the waist down” (Jim Lampley). Macklin was down and was not able to recover.

Statistically, Golovkin landed 50% (58 of 116) of his shots while Macklin only connected 25% (29 of 118). GGG did what he needed to do. He looked the way he needed to look. Macklin is a good stepping stone fighter. Golovkin knows that as he said, “I told you this was my regular fight, not biggest chance for me. This was my regular fight because I am champion. It was a good performance.”

I am impressed with this cat. He is fun to watch, packs a hard punch, good finisher, and he always moves forward bringing the fight to his rivals. He is ready for the big names in his division. He is interested in a showdown against Sergio Martinez. If he can land that fight and win it, Golovkin will be able to solidify his crown at 160 lbs and make the top 4 pound for pound list. 

Many fighters know who GGG is now. He is a tough fighter that is being groomed for the center stage. Let’s hope the top middleweights do not avoid him while he is in his prime. 


  1. GGG has the highest KO % out of all current belt holders! HBO did a good job marketing him on that special “2 Days” when it showed how he fought through illness and didn’t cancel the fight. He’s a warrior! Martinez has been dying for good fights and I think this fight should be made.

  2. No doubt, it would be an exciting fight. it would be his first fight against a non mid level type boxer. good test for him and good way for the fans to assess if GGG is the real deal

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