I’m the Best, I must Confess, All the Rest, There’s no Contest


By Rudy Mondragón

Lock and load boxing fans, Floyd Mayweather (43-0) is set to take on Robert Guerrero (31-1-1) on the 4th of May in Las Vegas, Nevada. This fight will mark a full year since Mayweather’s last fight where he unanimously defeated Miguel Cotto (37-4) for the WBA Super World light middleweight title. A month later, Floyd served a two month jail term for a domestic abuse conviction. Guerrero, a bit busier than Floyd, has fought twice in the last year. Most recent is his impressive underdog win against Andre Berto. Guerrero, being the stylist boxer that he is, did well to beat a good fighter in Berto. We are yet to see what The Ghost can do however, as he has not faced an elite fighter. May 4th, 2013 will be his opportunity to prove to the boxing world whether or not he should be considered elite or merely a good, hard working fighter.

With any good match up comes the entertainment aspect. Boxer versus boxer, face to face at press conferences, Twitter wars, YouTube videos, etc. Yes, this fight has a lot of it and more is yet to come. Mayweather recently worked the corner of one of his fighter’s and following the match, Guerrero was quick to tweet a message about how he will permanently make Floyd a full-time trainer. What is interesting about the hype of this fight however, is that Money May has not done much trash talking, but seems to be more focused on his promotions company. Maybe it’s still early and Money May is yet to engage in a mental chess match with his opponent via trash talking, we will see. It is the fathers of the two fighters who have taken the lead to trash talk and challenge each other to a street fight. Ruben Guerrero, father of The Ghost, is undefeated in the streets, 30-0 to be exact, and has proclaimed that he will “kick his [Mayweather Sr] f***ing ass, him and his son (Boxingscene).” Mental warfare, nothing new in the boxing game.

This match up has the potential for an exciting fight. Floyd Mayweather is a professor of boxing, he can pick his opponents apart, counter punch them with his straight right, execute expert defensive skills, and can finish off his rival if he see’s an opening. Guerrero is a stylist, he fights his opponents with a style that he thinks will make it difficult for his challenger. He will come forward, clinch to frustrate his opponent and use his head as a third glove in an effort to make it a dog fight. Guerrero has done it before and I am sure he will try it against Floyd. Only difference here is that he is facing Money May, who has the ability to adapt, not get hit, and counter attack the south paw to the point where he can break him down. The truth is that a fighter like Guerrero will need more than just god in his corner and hard work to get a win against Floyd. Guerrero has a huge heart and a strong sense of faith, but lacks the skill and boxing IQ to engage in a chess match against an elite boxing tactician.

Prediction for the fight will come soon, stay tuned folks. For now, I will leave you with a short poem by Floyd Mayweather Sr., which applies to Money May against The Ghost: Floyd is the best, I must confess, all the rest, there’s no contest. 

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