Garcia vs. Salido: A Show that People will talk about for Ages


By Rudy Mondragón

Dope fight, great way to start the 2013 boxing year! Orlando Salido (39-11-2) versus Mikey Garcia (30-0) is going down this weekend, live from the Garden in NYC. Boxing is in need of a good start to the year and I believe Salido and Garcia will give the people what they want. Since his last defeat to Yuriokis Gamboa in the fall of 2010, Orlando Salido has had 5 fights. All 5 fights since then have been won via KOs (4 TKOs and 1 KO). Most notably are his two wins against Juan Manual Lopez, both of which took place in Puerto Rico. He is a strong puncher, resilient and will fight you till the end. The kind of fighter that Mexican boxing fans fall in love with. He is a fan favorite in that regard.

Mikey Garcia comes from the Robert Garcia camp. Not only is Robert his trainer, but he is also his older brother. Close relationships facilitate the boxer/trainer relationship (at least that is how it appears in this case). Garcia is a young, hungry, well trained fighter who is ready to make a statement. He is fun to watch because he can mix it up and adapt. He also has the ability to smell blood and capitalize on his prey. 26 of his 30 wins have come by way of KO. A win here can elevate his career. The boxing world will definitely start talking about him as a top featherweight.

Salido’s experience is worth discussing. He mixed it up with Juan Manuel Marquez and lost a 12 round decision in 2004. He also defeated Robert the Ghost Guerrero, but was later ruled a no contest due to a positive drug test. Add two wins against Juan Manuel Lopez and you have a fighter who has learned from past fights and is carrying serious momentum and energy into the ring. Garcia has trainer of the year in his corner and the heart of a young lion ready to take the WBO Featherweight title from his opponent.

One can make a prediction based on multiple factors. In the case of these two, fight fans can surely count on one thing: This will be a war between two fighters who understand their fans. No need to trash talk each other, just this:  “I just told him that we should go out there and put on a good show — a show that people will talk about for ages,” Garcia said of his brief words with his opponent. “He agreed” (Via ESPN)

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