F’Real Steal



W’sup world. Man, after a crazy 2011 of crazy good fights, I feel like the year started with barely the sounds of crickets in the world of boxing. Like, f’real? The best news we got is Money May calling out PacMan on twitter? Like f’real. Pacquiao is more likely playing Plants vs. Zombies than knowing that the world is has been calling him a pussy since tomorrow. (The Philippines is ahead on the time zones? I’m Ron Burgundy?) And of course Pacquiao’s like “Aw hell naw I’ll fight him any day, I’m a warrior I fight for my people blah blah” and then May is like “Shoot please wait till you headbutt me because my shoulder defense is so crazy tight and the ref stops us and I knock you in the mouth blah blah.” 

Man. That’s it folks. In the world of money and styles and fights and politics, I’m afraid we’ve seen the last of the real hunger in the eyes of our heroes, be it Manny Pacquiao, or Floyd Mayweather Jr. We might as well get our kicks watching robots fight each other. 

Say what that’s a movie? It came out on DVD? It’s on piratebay? Shooooot

Yup I’ll be blogging about this movie now. I gotta say, it’s got that Rocky drama, with the underdogs and the incumbent champion badass. With the training (yes even robots need to train) and the concentration on the basics, and how shadowboxing is cool. Gotta admit by the end of this movie I was uppercutting the screen like I was watching a Brandon Rios fight. Aaaaaannddd that’s why more good fights need to happen like yesterday. 

YAWN. Till next time folks. YAWN

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  1. Yawn indeed. 2012 has got some promising fights, we’ll see how they turn out. Berto recently hurt his bicep, so his rematch with Oritz has been postponed. trying to get a piece out on my convo with teddy atlas about manny/mayweather.

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