Trilogy Complete: Still No Justice

In the last month I have become very disillusioned with the boxing community. It has been a combination of things that have made me more aware two things: (1) The corruption in the boxing world and (2) the beauty of boxing that is and always will be in a state of becoming. This is why it has taken me some time to revisit this fight and manifest my reflections in this blog. On the night of November 12, there were 3 men in the ring: Manny Pacquiao, Juan Manuel Marquez (JMM) and legendary referee, Tony Weeks. Outside of the ring were 3 judges who saw the fight very different from many of the Pacman and Marquez and general boxing fans. Prior to the fight, there was much talk about JMM not being a competitive challenge for Pacman due to his age and weight. Many ruled him out and focused on the dream fight yet to be scheduled between Pacman and Mayweather. Although he was ruled out, JMM put together a comprehensive boxing performance that was a manifestation of his 18 year career. Round after round, JMM controlled the fight and neutralized Pacman’s speed and power. People were right, JMM was not as fast as he was in their first two fights. But speed is not something that makes JMM great, its his timing and that was at its prime on November 12. Pacman did what he could and as always was busy and never quit. To me, JMM was penalized for being a tactful fighter who stuck to a counter punching game plan that was executed to perfection. Judges like to see an aggressive fighter and usually award the fighter who has a higher punch output and initiates the fight. In this case, it was definitely Pacman, yet the cleaner and more effective punches and combinations and overall control of the fight favored JMM. My question and disillusionment with boxing lies in this question: To what extent did boxing politics play into the decision that was in favor of Pacman? The reality is that if Pacman lost on November 12, a fight against Mayweather would have been a harder one to promote. Even with a Pacman victory over JMM, people are now saying that Mayweather should take the fight since it appears that Pacman can’t handle boxers and is now past his prime. Regardless, the truth is that JMM did what he had to do to at least pull out another draw, but in my eyes, JMM won the fight 115-113. This is exactly what the boxing community does not need, injustices in the name of greed, power, and money. May the best man win…. yeah, this definitely did not apply November 12.

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