Adjustments: Miguel Cotto and New Trainer

Miguel Cotto is in full swing and training for his upcoming fight against Antonio Margarito. According to, Cotto replaced Emanuel Steward with Pedro Luis Diaz as his trainer. Although the replacement was said to be due to scheduling conflicts between Cotto and Steward, paints another picture. In an interview between ESPN and Steward, the Hall of Fame trainer stated that being replaced was “kind of suprising. Everything had been in place for me to train him.” Will this hurt Miguel in his upcoming fight? What does this mean for Cotto as he prepares for the highly anticipated rematch against the Tijuana Tornado? What role does continuity and stability play in this equation as Cotto has to transition yet again from one trainer and his training style to the next?

Let me break it down real quick. In the last 3 years, since Cotto’s (debatable now due to loaded wraps controversy) defeat at the hands of Margarito, he has since been trained by 4 different trainers: uncle Evangelista Cotto, assistant trainer Joe Santiago, Hall of Famer Emanuel Steward, and now Pedro Luis Diaz, known for training former world champion, Joel Casamayor. With Joe Santiago, Cotto was able to beat Michael Jennings and was beat down by Manny Pacquiao. After that defeat, Miguel Cotto hired Steward, winning two fights with him in his corner against Ricardo Mayorga and Yuri Foreman. It will be interesting to see how Miguel Cotto adjust to his new trainer as he prepares for his next big fight. From the looks of the picture above (might just be me), but Miguel looks a little husky. Let’s hope his body gets back to light middleweight.

On a side note, what is up with Emanuel Steward? First Chad Dawson and now Miguel Cotto? What is going on????

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